AIM PowerPlus - The Ultimate AIM add-on!
Friday, March 04, 2005 (07:29:27)

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AIM PowerPlus is the ultimate add-on for AOL Instant Messenger, giving you many great features to enhance your AIM experience!

  • Power up your AIM with 200 new free smileys!
  • Complete chat conversation recording, Full HTML with time tags, all colors and URLs preserved!
  • Exclusive Buddy Icon stealer that can save your Buddy’s AIM icons!
  • Useful PowerPlus toolbar that is present in all Instant Message windows
  • Complete Winamp controls (play, pause etc) from any AIM window!
  • Funny jokes and one-liners database to automatically use in chats.
  • Software shortcuts and tools from all AIM windows
  • Fully compatible with AIM 5.5 and 5.9

PowerPlus is 100% FREE!

  • Click here for a screenshot

  • Download now!

    PowerPlus Setup - 410 KB - 1 Minute to download on a 56K connection

    Visit the AIM PowerPlus page for more information!

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